We urgently need low-carbon energy solutions to minimize the disastrous effects of a changing climate. These solutions must be developed and deployed without delay, so that we can provide energy access to a growing population while also protecting the future of the planet.

My goal is to accelerate the necessary energy innovation and help game-changing technologies find their way out of the lab and into the marketplace.

As a scientist, I worked to grow the body of knowledge on solar energy harvesting and storage materials. If it is harnessed and stored efficiently, then sunlight can easily provide all of humanity’s energy needs. The challenge ahead of us is to make sustainable energy from the sun cheaper than carbon-emitting fuels, and to do it as quickly as possible. Scientists and engineers play a key role in this, by producing the discoveries and the inventions that will enable this transformation.

I have also worked to improve the way science is done and the way it is taught and shared with others. In order to provide the greatest public benefit, the scientific community must become more diverse and more inclusive of people from all different backgrounds. We need the most talented minds and the best ideas to tackle the technological problems facing society.