It’s graduation season, and many people are thinking extra hard (perhaps feeling extra uncertain) about their careers. I’ve been thinking about career paths a lot lately, especially for scientists and Ph.D.s, and I’d like to share some recent thoughts. (The original thread of tweets that inspired this post starts here.) There is a myth that we tell ourselves about […]

This post was also published on The Energy Collective on 4/9/2015. It’s hard to talk about energy. Just ask any science teacher who has tried to define energy in a classroom. People stare blankly when you say, “It’s the ability to do work.” They furrow their brow when you tell them it’s not the same […]

When we think CO2, we usually think energy use, e.g. burning oil, coal and natural gas. However, there are quite a few ways that we add carbon to the atmosphere in the course of our daily lives besides simply burning fossil fuels. Non-energy sources were responsible for 16% of total US greenhouse gas emissions in […]